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Erised 2
Staring into the mirror once more,
I know it's foolish, but I just needed to see you again,
Because I'm about to let go.
This time, though, the mirror allows me a bit of knowledge,
Not knowledge of the future, but of myself.
Looking back at me now, it's still you,
But I'm not there this time.
You're smiling at me,
And it warms my cold heart ever so slightly.
I realize that all I want is for you to be happy,
With or without me,
No matter how much pain it causes me.
I smile back, and decide once and for all,
I am going to wait.
If we meet again, we can be together,
But if you find someone else,
Someone that makes you happier than I could,
I'll pretend it doesn't hurt
For you.
:iconthexdreamer:ThexDreamer 1 2
As I stand before the mirror of Erised,
Although I know it is unreliable,
I can only wish that one day what I see there now will become reality.
As I stare, I see you staring back at me,
And I'm stricken with a feeling between joy and sorrow.
In the mirror, you're standing next to me,
Your hand in mine.
But I can't feel you, you aren't there.
I know that you're out of my reach.
That this is probably the closest I will ever be to you.
I know I should leave the mirror,
But my feet are frozen to the spot
Because I know this might be the last time I see you.
And that breaks my heart.
I tell myself I'll only stay another minute,
But my feet are firmly rooted to the spot.
I'm not leaving just yet.
:iconthexdreamer:ThexDreamer 2 0
Wolf Bite
One morning, I woke up with some sort of mark on my arm. It almost looked like a bite, but I couldn't think of when I might've been bitten. So I just pushed the thought to the back of my mind and went on as I normally would. Oddly, on that same day, everyone turned into some English guy I'd never seen before. Everyone except me, that is.
Naturally, I hid. Fight or flight. Six billion of him and one of me. If he wanted to kill me, I wouldn't stand a chance. So I hid, hoping he wouldn't have to decide whether or not to kill me. And it worked. He never found me. Then something happened that caused everyone to change back. But I'd never forget that man. He had blond hair, but brown eyebrows, as if he'd bleached his hair. He had brown eyes and a bit of stubble.
It had been about a month, and I still hadn't figured out who the man was or why I hadn't changed with them. People came up with simple explanations about everything that happened that day, and by the end of the week it was mostly fo
:iconthexdreamer:ThexDreamer 3 5
Mr. James Logan stepped into the room, and I glanced up at him before looking back down at my papers. It was a little unfortunate that he and I had the same planning period, as I'd been told he got bored frequently and would come visit whoever didn't have a class at the moment. Usually, company didn't bother me, but I had to finish grading my students' homework, so I didn't really have time to waste unless I wanted to take it home with me. Still, I was new and American and I didn't want to seem rude, so as I worked on it, I mumbled, “Hello.”
“Hello, Mrs. Wolfe,” he replied. That was the first time I'd heard him speak. He wasn't English either, he was Scottish. Not that it mattered, he wasn't the new guy anymore, and Scotland was closer than America anyway.
“I'm not married, Mr. Logan.”
“Right, sorry. Miss Wolfe, then. So, what are you up to?”
I held up a paper, not looking up from my work, “Grading.”
“Ah. Sounds boring,&
:iconthexdreamer:ThexDreamer 0 0
Paranoia (Part 1)
My alarm beeping in my ear woke me up, and I smacked the snooze button. I rolled over and went back to sleep, only to be woken by my alarm again a few minutes later. I turned it off and sat up, using the headboard as a backrest and pulling the cover up. My mom walked in and turned on the light. I pulled my cover over my head, “HEY!”
“Get up,” she said, then left, leaving the door open behind her. I shut my eyes and stumbled over to the door to close it. I shut the door and got ready for school. I brushed my teeth, brushed my hair, got dressed, and grabbed my backpack and mp3 player and earbuds. My mom was already back in bed when I got into the living room. Dad was probably still in bed. He wouldn't have been woken by mom's alarm. I sat on the couch for a few minutes, listening to music, then I went outside to wait for the bus.
When it got there, I got on the bus and sat next to my friend, Jun. He looked and gave me a half-nod before turning back to the window.
:iconthexdreamer:ThexDreamer 1 0
Je suis anglais
I sat by the edge of the pond, looking out at the water. I heard a male voice beside me say, “Beautiful, isn't it?”
“Yeah,” I turned to look, but there was no one there. A quick look around told me I must've just imagined the voice. With a sigh, I leaned back in the grass, looking up at the moon.
After a few minutes, the voice came back, making me jump. “What's your name?” There was a pause, “Sorry for startling you.”
“Samantha,” I answered, “But call me Sam.”
“Okay, Sam. I'm John. Call me John.”
“Alright then, I will.” I looked around to see nothing again, “Where are you?”
I felt him grab my hand, “Right here.”
I looked down, but there was nothing there. “Why can't I see you?”
“No, that's not the question. The question is why can you hear me?”
“Seems normal to me. Why shouldn't I be able to hear you?” I asked.
He let go of my hand,
:iconthexdreamer:ThexDreamer 1 0
“Keep your phone on you, call me if anything happens. I'll be back to check up on you sometime,” the Doctor said before disappearing into the TARDIS, shutting the door behind him.
The TARDIS dematerialized, and I was left back on Earth. Things were going to have to go back to normal, though I couldn't quite remember what normal was. I'd need to go back to my job and back to my house and pretend to be normal. Like I'd never met the Doctor or traveled with him through space and time. I was sure I could manage, but I wasn't sure I'd want to. With a sigh, I walked back to my old house.
It was only about an hour after I left with the Doctor a year ago. I laughed at the thought. With anyone besides a Time Lord, that wouldn't make any sense. I got to my house and went inside. I got a glass out of the cabinet and filled it with water. After taking a drink, I set it down on the kitchen table.
“Who are you?” asked a male voice from directly behind me, making me jump. My h
:iconthexdreamer:ThexDreamer 2 10
You Are Not Alone: Prologue
I finished the last few words of the book I was reading, then set it down on the table and went to my room to get dressed to take it back. I slipped on a plain black t-shirt then glanced at myself in the mirror. I had short, dark brown hair and brown eyes, and I had a little bit of stubble. Unless I decided to grow a beard, I'd need to shave soon, but I would do that later.
Pushing the thought to the back of my mind, I went back into the living room, grabbed my book, and walked to the library. At the moment, I didn't really feel like talking. So instead of going inside, I just slipped my book into the book return and turned to head home.
As I walked down the street, I looked over my shoulder. There was nobody there, but I just couldn't shake the feeling that I was being watched. “Hello?” I called into the silence. There was, of course no answer. I turned and kept walking towards my house. When I got there, I went down the hall to my room and tossed my keys down on my bedsid
:iconthexdreamer:ThexDreamer 1 21
Ravenclaw (Part 1)
I fought with my tie as I walked back towards my seat in a compartment on the Hogwarts Express. This was going to be my first year at Hogwarts, and I hadn't known I would be going until recently, being muggle-born and all. I hadn't ever learned how to tie a tie because I never thought I'd need to. I opened the door of my compartment, and found a boy sitting there. He had messy, brown hair and brown eyes, and I could tell he was also a first-year because he didn't have a house tie like the older wizards and witches I'd seen.
“Sorry, everywhere else is full,” he apologized, speaking in a Scottish accent.
“It's fine. Nice to meet you, I'm Sarah Johnson,” I held out my hand, letting the ends of my tie fall to either side of my neck.
“David McLeod,” he shook my hand, “You sound American.”
“I am. Moved to London a couple years ago,” I said, going back to my tie. We were almost at Hogwarts, so I needed to get it tied.
“I moved
:iconthexdreamer:ThexDreamer 1 0
Doctor What
It started one day when I was flipping through the channels. Nothing I watched was on, but I came across a show I'd heard my friends talking about. Doctor Who. I turned it on to see what it was, but I found it extremely confusing. All I got out of it was a tall man with spiky hair walking around Pompeii with a woman with red hair.
A few weeks later, none of my shows were on, but Doctor Who was. I decided to give it a second chance, and watched it. This one was weird, but I was at least able to follow it as he walked around on Mars with the absence of the red-haired woman.
I didn't watch the show for a couple months, then I caught a two-part episode that actually held my interest. There was a different man, this one had longer hair and wore a bow tie. He had two people with him this time, one male and one female, and they had to fight stone angel statues that moved when you weren't looking at them. You couldn't even blink. The main part about that episode that I remembered was when the
:iconthexdreamer:ThexDreamer 1 0
Lycanthropic Time Traveller (Part 4)
I was wandering around in London, just moping. It had been over a year since I'd seen the Doctor. Over a year since I'd gone on one of our great adventures. I missed him, but I couldn't blame him for anything. And I couldn't expect him to apologize for giving me some of the best times in my life. It was just hard to adjust back to pretending to be human and not going on adventures all the time.
As I was walking towards a vending machine to get a soda, someone caught my eye. A slender guy with thick brown hair (longer than the Doctor's), sideburns, and brown eyes. He wore a brown overcoat that went down to his ankles over a blue pinstripe suit, and he was looking right at me with a big grin on his face. It was kind of creepy, but I decided I'd go see what he wanted. After all, I was a werewolf so I could defend myself if I needed to.
I walked over to him, “Hi.”
“Hi,” he spoke in about the same accent everyone else around here spoke. It made me miss the Doctor and
:iconthexdreamer:ThexDreamer 1 8
Lycanthropic Time Traveller (Part 3)
I was taking a minute to gather my thoughts. I realized I loved the Doctor. Both like a friend and like more than a friend. But he was a 900 year old Time Lord, and I was a werewolf in my early thirties. It wouldn't work well between us. Probably not, anyway. And it didn't really matter because I doubted he liked me. I didn't care, though, as long as he was happy. It was that kind of love.
The Doctor walked in, interrupting my thoughts, “Where do you want to go?”
I shrugged, “Anywhere.”
“You're no fun,” he stuck his tongue out at me. Adorable.
“Fine, uh, how about the Renaissance?”
“That's more like it. Go on, then, go get changed. There's a wardrobe through there,” he pointed at a doorway, “First left, second right, third on the left, go straight ahead, under the stairs, past the bins, fifth door on your left. Hurry up!” I followed his directions and changed into something period. I wasn't really a fan of dresses,
:iconthexdreamer:ThexDreamer 1 2
Lycanthropic Time Traveller (Part 2)
“You can't hide inside a wooden box!” I protested. I glanced at the door, and it looked like plastic, spatula-handed Mickey was almost through. I gave in and went in the box, too. It was a lot bigger on the inside, and it seemed like a spaceship from a science fiction. “He going to follow us.”
“The assembled hordes of Genghis Khan couldn't get through that door. Believe me, they've tried. Now, shut up a minute,” he said, “You see, the arm was too simple, but the head is perfect. I can use it to trace the signal back to the original source.” It looked like he deactivated the head before hooking it up to something. “Right. Where do you want to start?”
“It's bigger on the inside.”
“It's alien.”
“Are you alien?”
“Yes,” he paused, “Is that alright?”
“Yeah. It's less surprising to me than you might think. I'm not human either.
:iconthexdreamer:ThexDreamer 1 0
Lycanthropic Time Traveller (Part 1)
I felt my body heating up as the living mannequins backed me against the wall. Just before I was about to change, I felt someone grab my hand. I looked to my left to see a man with short, brown hair and blue eyes wearing a dark leather jacket, a dark red shirt, black jeans, and black shoes. Something about him calmed me and reversed my transformation. “Run,” he spoke with a Northern English accent, which was strange since we were in London. Though I was probably even stranger to him since I was American. We ran hand in hand to the elevator, and once we were in, one of the mannequins got its arm caught in the door. The man pulled off the arm and the doors shut.
“You pulled its arm off?” I looked at him.
He turned to me, “Yep. Plastic.” He tossed the arm at me.
I caught it, “So is this a student thing?”
“Why would they be students?”
“I don't know. I guess, to get that many people dressed up and acting weird, they have to b
:iconthexdreamer:ThexDreamer 2 2
The Last Time Lords (Part 2)
I'd been traveling with the Doctor for a long time. So long that I lost track. It was kind of hard to keep track of time when you traveled through it almost constantly. We'd been on plenty of adventures, and I loved every one of them. I'd also began to like the Doctor in a not-totally-platonic sort of way. I wouldn't go so far as to call it love, but it was definitely a crush.
I shook my head furiously, I didn't need to be thinking about him like that. The two of us were just friends. Friends who lived together in a giant spaceship and traveled to, well, everywhere. But that was it, and I didn't want to make things awkward between us if he didn't like me back. Besides, it was just  crush, I'd get over it eventually.
I walked out of my room in the TARDIS and just wandered around. Not many of our adventures included the inside of the TARDIS, so the only rooms I'd been in were the ones I needed. Now I was going to fix that. The Doctor had just gone to bed, so I tried to be as quiet a
:iconthexdreamer:ThexDreamer 0 0
The Last Time Lords (Part 1)
I sighed and rolled over to look at my clock. It was 2:35 AM and I'd woken up an hour ago. I'd never been able to sleep more than a couple hours a night, and by the end of each day I should be exhausted. But I never was, and that had always seemed weird to me. At first, I'd thought I was an insomniac, but most insomniacs still get more sleep than that. I'd asked my parents about it, but they didn't give me any answers. They honestly didn't know. They said it must be something I inherited from my real parents, as I was only adopted by them.
It wasn't until very recently that I found out who my father was and why I slept as little as I did. My father was a Time Lord who called himself the Master. Nobody knew his real name, not even me, and I was his daughter. Of course, I'd only learned about his existence a couple weeks ago. Apparently he'd gotten a human woman pregnant, but I guess she didn't want a baby and she put me up for adoption. In a different country. I was born in England, but
:iconthexdreamer:ThexDreamer 1 0


Mirror of Erised by penguinflavoureddoom Mirror of Erised :iconpenguinflavoureddoom:penguinflavoureddoom 50 21
Roleplay 101
I had wanted to write this long list of roleplay pet-peeves that I and some friends of mine share, so I finally did.
If you find yourself guilty of some of these things, don’t get offended. Why? I’ve been guilty of them before, and I’m sure I’m not perfect with some of them now, either. So I’m pretty much talking to myself as well as you all.
And please, realize that I’m not attacking you; I am only saying that these are roleplay etiquettes that I find would benefit the roleplaying experience. These “rules” here really are not hard to follow at all, I don’t think. There are unspoken wishes that people have that often some roleplayers are not aware of, and I think if they’re all out in the open, we all benefit.
Only one example (a positive one) is actually from a roleplay I am having with a friend. The rest are made up, so please, realize I am not targeting anyone with these rules. Now, enjoy them!
Use proper gramm
:iconzerachielamora:ZerachielAmora 141 91
Okay, so I'm in college now. Keep in mind that I do not own an umbrella, and I had no idea what the weather would be like today.
So, I get ready and I'm wearing a Doctor Who shirt, pin, and necklace, black sweats, and wedge flip flops. I see that it's getting stormy, but I don't think anything of it. So I put on my jacket and head outside. Turns out that it's pouring rain. So I'm marching out, with my computer in my backpack, and I realize I forgot my tennis shoes to walk on the indoors track. So, I put my stuff into the car, go back, get my shoes and socks, and head back out again. I finally get to the school, and march to my first class, with the rain letting up a bit. My jacket is pretty much wet by this point.
When class ends, the rain is pretty much pouring buckets of cats and dogs. It's crazy. Plus, my next class is on the other side of the campus. When I get there, my jacket and backpack are completely soaked. (Don't worry about the computer, it's fine)
The whole entire day, I w
:iconstar-trekker-13:Star-Trekker-13 1 2
The Werewolf PART 1
Let me tell you a little story how did I became a werewolf.
I was born 1.8.1996 in Montgomery, Kentucky. I was living in a Small house with my mother, unfortunately my father left me when I was 7 years old. My mother named Jane was working at the Montgomery hospital and didn't had much time for me. I was a good student and I had alot of friends at school and the neighbourhood. I had a friend named James he was actually the first guy I've met. James was an sarcastic kid who knew how to make people laugh, his father was working as an Sheriff in the Montgomery Sheriff's Department. One night I was taking my dog out for a walk to see the new built park that was near the forest, unfortunately the leash broke and my dog started running towards the forest. I attempted to call him a few times but the dog wasn't responding it looks like something distracted him from the woods. I started running towards my dog when I suddenly heard a wolf howling, I was scared and, I took a look around myself an
:iconfoxxmaster:Foxxmaster 1 9
The Master's Life On Mars
The Master had finally started to resign himself to his fate. At first, he thought he was dead and his consciousness had been brought to the Computer Matrix, but that had been destroyed in the Time War. Plus, he had way more control over the Matrix than this. 1973 on Earth! Really? This must be what humans call hell. Well, it's not like the Time Lords had never done that before- look at the Doctor. But, no! The Time Lords were gone. All of them, except he and the Doctor.
The Master was used to living in exile, but it was usually under his own terms, his own aliases, his own schemes. The last thing he remembered before waking up here was being shot by Lucy and dying in the Doctor's arms. The Doctor had begged him to regenerate, but he had refused. The Doctor thought he knew him so well- that he would do anything just to keep on living. But in the wake of defeat, the Master needed at least one victory.
He awoke to find himself in 1973. Apparently, everyone thought he was someone named "D
:iconsudipal:sudipal 8 1
Psych/Doctor Who Crossover
MEH. I know I said that I only would post it if you wanted to see it, but oh well. This is what I have of the story so far. :paranoid:
It was raining. One of the worst storms that Henry Spencer had seen in the long time that he had been living in Santa Barbra, which was his whole life. In a round-about way, it reflected his mood. He had been particularly down since the doctor's appointment that told he and his wife that they would be unable to produce children. His wife was sad,and that was acceptable. She had a reason to be sad. She had always wanted a child, and then she was told that she clouldn't have one. He'd wanted a kid too, and was just as upset as she was.
Henry blinked. Was there a knock on the door just then? Or was that his imagination? It couldn't have been a branch or anything, unless it flew across the street and banged on the door a few times.
There it was again! Henry got up from his seat in his kitchen and walked over to the door. He hesitated befor
:iconcaptainrikakisuktai:CaptainRikaKisuktai 1 2
Epic Crossover by sickboyrocks Epic Crossover :iconsickboyrocks:sickboyrocks 7 16 John Simm having a nap LOM by icewormie John Simm having a nap LOM :iconicewormie:icewormie 33 12 Me and John Simm by StarlightWhispers Me and John Simm :iconstarlightwhispers:StarlightWhispers 20 37
It's pounding. It's weighing on your mind.
The weight is on your shoulders.
You can't get rid of it.
It races through your thoughts, leaking into each one like ink, corrupting you.
You close yourself in.
You try to get rid of it, to contain it, cage it.
The impossible task itself holding you captive.
You deny it with every bit of your soul.
You loath it, you fear it.
It's what you must never be.
Day by day you accept it. You're something new.
After so very long after it's become who you are...
You see what you've become.
You look in the mirror. It's the truth, unchangeable.
Look how far you've fallen.
:iconparanoia-whisper:Paranoia-Whisper 3 2
Good intentions(Tenth Doctor/Reader)
Humanity was corrupt, and you thought that needed to change. You hated it. They were all idiots, killing over worthless things, wasting their lives away. Discouraging, selfish, miserable. Evil. Vile. But you would make them better. They would all be happy. They could live peacefully!
Humanity would be healed.
You would make sure of that.
"Don't do this. You're better than this, you are! Humans aren't so bad, this isn't how you should help them, there's other ways, better ways!" You hesitated. Was there really? Could you fix this race somehow? Was what you were about to do so wrong? He saw you thinking, and continued. "Come on now, you know this isn't right. Think about how good they can be! Humans can be kind and generous and brilliant, just give them a chance! You've been dwelling in the worst of them for far too long."
You thought it over. And thought some more. Maybe you had been judging them too harshly. Just when you were about to turn it off, step away, a thought poppe
:iconparanoia-whisper:Paranoia-Whisper 17 10


I'm not the best writer out there, but I'm improving slowly. If you've got any constructive criticism, I'd love to hear it. If you're just gonna tell me my work sucks, piss off.
If you actually like my work, thanks. If you've got requests for what I should write, you can tell me, but I can't promise I'll write it. If I do, though, I'll be sure to let you know.

All of my work is under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 license, which basically means use it for whatever you like as long as you give me appropriate credit and don't make money off it. Though if for some reason, you've got a brilliant idea for making money using something I made, I'll try and be cool about it so long as you talk to me first. Really, there's nothing worth making money off in my gallery, so that doesn't matter much.
If something I make inspires you, which is highly unlikely, I'd love a link. I love seeing stuff other people create, and if I've somehow inspired someone to create, I'd love to see it. If you'd like to collaborate on something, which is also unlikely, I've got no experience with that but feel free to ask. I'll do my best, I'll do my best to do the best I can (I must now resist the urge to sing "On My Way" by The Proclaimers).

Other than that, I try to be a friendly person, but I suck at carrying on conversation, so sorry in advance if our conversation devolves into an awkward exchange of emoticons... If you want you can comment on my page or this journal or anything, really, I'd love to chat with you. Chances are we'll have SOMETHING to talk about. Plus, I'm used to awkwardness, so it's cool if you want to awkwardly exchange emoticons... I guess.

I think that's it, so thanks for stopping by my page.

~ The Dreamer


ThexDreamer's Profile Picture
What's in a name?
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I like to write, but I don't like to let people read the things I write. So this account is my way to somewhat anonymously share my work. I love anonymity.
Also, I'm cursed to only be able to write relatively well in first-person and past-tense. Which is why I don't do reader inserts instead of looking at long lists of names and choosing a random one.

Another thing. My stories are just that - stories. Some of the details may be real, others are definitely not. But there's no point in trying to figure out which is which. I don't think anybody has ever put it better than John Green did in the Author's Note of TFIOS:
This is not so much an author’s note as an author’s reminder of what was printed in small type a few pages ago: This is a work of fiction. I made it up.
Neither novels nor their readers benefit from attempts to divine whether any facts hide inside a story. Such efforts attack the very idea that made-up stories can matter, which is sort of the foundational assumption of our species.
I appreciate your cooperation in this matter.


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